Simple Edit Layout (Content Container Templates) - Keywords

(Erwin Strobel) #1


I am trying to format the Simple Edit interface for a Content Container Template.

As I need to manually structure the layout for each metadata field (using JS to show hide depending on options selected), I am unable to use the %metadata-F_metadata_values% keyword.

I have the keyword %metadata-F_123456% which prints the input field for a specific metadata field, however I would also like to print the default value tick box and field name (basically presenting a similar layout. to what the %metadata-F_metadata_values% presents).

I was wondering if there are keywords available for the Metadata field name and default value tickbox (e.g. something like %metadata-F_12345_name% %metadata-F_12345_default%)?


(Bart Banda) #2

Not for printing the default value checkbox but to get the name you can use %globals_asset_name:1234% where 1234 is the ID of the metadata field.

(Erwin Strobel) #3

Thank you for your help, I ended up the keyword you suggested and hard coding the rest