Squiz Marketplace - Cards

(Jacqueline) #1

Matrix Version:
I have discovered Squiz Marketplace https://dxp.squiz.net/marketplace/
I have downloaded and installed the Cards component.
I feel like I’m missing a step as my page looks nothing like the demo page. The CSS looks like my site’s default. I’ve gone through https://matrix.squiz.net/manuals/content-templates/examples/how-to-create-a-content-container-template
I created a page, added a new content div and set it to content template ‘cards.’ I followed the instructions from the Marketplace tab, and installed the zipped files into my templates section in the backend of Matrix.
What am I missing?


Are you missing bootstrap?
The template includes styles to make them approximate bootstrap cards in easy edit, but you’d still need it on the frontend (or hatchet your own styles)

(Jacqueline) #3

Hey! Thank you so much. I made an assumption that bootstrap was on the site. I did a CDN reference on the page as raw html and that worked! Brilliant. Thank you so much. You saved me hours of headaches.