Squiz Matrix Released

(system) #1

Squiz Matrix is now available and features support for PHP 7.3, improved admin mode content screen UI, more flexible status changes, and safe trash support for content containers.

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(Tbaatar) #2

Out of interest how fast is Matrix with PHP 7.3 vs 7.1?
Do you have some tangible speed comparison such as asset listing or SSJS performance?

Weighing if we want to upgrade now or wait until Matrix 6.


(Bart Banda) #3

7.1 vs 7.3 you probably won’t notice that much difference, as majority of the difference was in 5 to 7 in general.

Matrix 6 isn’t due until Q1 next year, so I’d recommend to upgrade to this year and 7.3 of PHP as from we are dropping support for PHP 5.