Unable to update Metadata Schema


Matrix Version: 5.4.1

I have a Metadata Schema. When I try to update it, I get this message.

This asset is Live and has Workflow applied. Switch to Safe Edit status to work in a draft-like copy where you can make changes that only users with edit permissions can see.

There is no option available to put Metadata schema into “Safe Edit”. The only available options are

  1. Place under review
  2. Place under construction
  3. Archive

When I checked for any “running workflows” on Metadata Schema, I see this

Workflow Status: Workflow is not currently running for this asset

Has anyone encountered this issue before ? Very annoying.

(John gill) #2

This is two things interacting in an unfortunate manner - you shouldn’t edit Live assets with a workflow, but “Safe Edit” is not a valid status for Metadata Schema assets.

The solution is to remove the Workflow from the Metadata Schema - it doesn’t do anything anyway, and removing it will prevent that message from appearing.


Thanks @JohnGill, This is what I did. All good.