Unable to upload KMZ and CSV files

(John G) #1

Matrix Version: v5.4.5.1

We are unable to upload CSV and KMZ files to squiz matrix. I receive the error-

|Message:|“file.kmz”'s MIME type does not match its extension.|

Does anyone know how to remedy this?


(John gill) #2

You get this for extensions that aren’t in the Allowed File Extensions to Upload preference. If you add kmz and csv to that global preference then it should work.

I’m not certain if it’s possible to allow extensions in your group preferences that aren’t also listed in the global preferences, but it’s worth a shot.

(John gill) #3

Turns out you can do this, extensions don’t need to be in the global preferences.

(Phillip Booth) #4

Make sure you save the file as a CSV (MS-DOS) version. I have not used KMZ files.