Using tags to create links to related topics


I am trying to figure out how to create a list which displays all pages which share the same thesaurus/metadata term.
I have tried to use the search function, but had been unsuccessful thus far.

Thank you

Matrix Version: 5.5

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If all the pages is under the same directory you could get all Asset Children with Link Type 1 underneath the Parent folder id 240 with Name, Metadata Tags, Thesaurus and anything else you want e.g URL, ID etc?
And use SSJS to filter and show related topics?



    "asset_name": "Top 10 things to do in Paris",
    "asset_metadata_pageTags": "Paris, Top 10, Things To Do",
    "asset_metadata_pageThesaurus": "Paris,Things To Do"
    "asset_name": "Top 10 Foodie Places",
    "asset_metadata_pageTags": "Paris, Food, Top 10, Places",
    "asset_metadata_pageThesaurus": "Food,Paris"
    "asset_name": "Top 10 Insta famous cities",
    "asset_metadata_pageTags": "Paris, Instagram, Top 10",
    "asset_metadata_pageThesaurus": ""

The other option is to use Search Page with Stored Search and Paint Layout to display the related pages based on Metadata Tags/Thesaurus.