Version 1.5.0 of EES and Edit+ for Squiz Matrix released

(Luke Wright) #1

Hi all,


Today, the new long-awaited version 1.5.0 of Easy Edit Suite and Edit+ for Squiz Matrix have been released.


This release is in conjunction with the new releases of Squiz Matrix (4.18.0 and 4.16.4), which also happened today. Together, they provide a number of new EES/Edit+ features, as well as a heap of bug fixes and performance improvements for a smoother editing experience.


As a major release of EES and Edit+, some changes require new versions of Squiz Matrix, and thus the upgrade is not as simple as a minor version drop-in.

To run version EES/Edit+ 1.5.0, you'll need to be running either Squiz Matrix 4.18.0 or 4.16.4, or a later version. The new EES can then be "dropped in" once Matrix upgrades are complete.


You can download Easy Edit Suite 1.5.0 from the Squiz Matrix manuals site, or read the release notes.

Edit+ for Squiz Matrix 1.5.0 is available to customers with an appropriate service level agreement. Please contact Squiz for additional information.