Viewing Email Logs


Do you guys know if there is a way to view all emails that are sent by Squiz Matrix?

Using the Log Manager, is there a filter or particular log that I am able to view that will inform me of all emails that are being sent by Matrix?

(Bart Banda) #2

Not in the log manager, but sounds like you need some server logging on whatever mail function in PHP you’re using, probably sendmail?


I’m on a cloud-hosted instance. How do I go about getting that organised?

And what PHP code do you mean sorry? This is just from things such as Form Submission Actions and Triggers.

(David Schoen) #4

Matrix doesn’t expose the mails it sends in the UI, so the only way to determine what’s being sent is to review whatever PHP is sending the mail to. Usually PHP calls the sendmail binary, which may actually be part of the sendmail package, but is also supplied by postfix if that’s in use.

If you’re on a Squiz hosted instance, a support ticket would be required to get a copy of that log I think.