VM Install assets list error

(Gasosasedamdjepova) #1

Installed latest VM with VirtualBox, when logged in, I can’t see the asset list on the side bar, it briefly shows the error message: “Error while requesting” and then list is empty.
Also, “Add” asset button is not responding.

Any ideas?


(Bart Banda) #2

That’s weird, I’ve downloaded and tested the latest VM and it works fine for me.

Do you get any JS erros in the browser console that you could share?

Also, what version of VirtualBox, Browser, OS are you using?

(Gasosasedamdjepova) #3

Hi Bart,

Again, thank you for reply. Sorry, this was my mistake, I have accessed the site trough IP address instead of domain name. Soon I’ve set-up the domain, all working fine.