Where is the Virtual Image download page?

(Bart Banda) #21

Thanks Nic, fixed up the link. 

(Marcus Fong) #22

As regards “not suitable for an enterprise enviroment,” it’s true that we don’t generally recommend trying to use the evaluation VM in your production environment. That’s because of the VM itself, though, not because of any limitations in the version of Matrix on it.

One issue is that it’s VirtualBox and, while that’s great on the desktop, not that many organisations (at least, in our experience) use VirtualBox as their virtualised hosting platform. You can convert it, but that adds extra effort which might be better spent setting up something tailored to your needs.

Another is that many organisations have their own preferred standards for Linux setup, and our VM is unlikely to conform to those. It’s usually simpler to start with a client’s standard configuration and add Matrix to it rather than the other way around (especially when it comes to things like disk and volume partitioning, which can be painful to fix after the fact).

The VM is also set up as a single server combining both web and database server roles, for simplicity of use. If you want to split the roles, as many enterprise clients do, it’s not ideal. Even if you did want a combined server, we would normally install and configure a caching reverse proxy for performance reasons, and last I checked the VM didn’t have that (caching is normally essential in production, but it just gets in the way for test and evaluation purposes).

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Hi Marcus,


Thanks for the insightful feedback on the VM version of Matrix build.


Is it not just the matter of extracting Matrix from the VM to a server and configuring to make it enterprise environment friendly (if VM was not a solution)?

(Marcus Fong) #24

Yes, exactly. You can use the Matrix backup script to make a backup of the Matrix instance, copy it out of the VM and restore it to a server (or servers) configured to suit your purpose (and with the Matrix prerequisites installed, of course).

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Is it possible for Squiz to release Matrix version as VM image? I need it to perform bunch of tests.


Many thanks.

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Any update for version availability as VM download?

(Bart Banda) #27

We won't be releasing a VM for but will have a new one for 5.4 once it comes out in a few months time. 

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Any news as when we can expect the V5.4 image?


(Bart Banda) #29

Matrix 5.4 hasn’t been released yet so will be shortly after that. We are hoping for a late Sep/early Oct release with the VM to follow a couple of weeks after that.