About Advertising Trends In Ukraine

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Last Thursday, August 27, Google invited partner agencies to a webinar about advertising in the fall season. We, of course, participated (as a Google Premier Partner) and now we really want to that the share valuable knowledge with you. Connect the “OMNI-CHANNEL MARKETING” service from ADINDEX → About Black Friday Ukrainians’ interest in Black Friday is a systematic peak of seasonal activity in sales. The season starts from the second week of September and ends at the end of February.

Creatives, bids, user experience and operational efficiency - all this must be prepared in advance (already now). Ventures holding and head of marketing at Allegro Group . During the sales season, shoppers are ready to buy from new retailers as the focus is on price and availability. Call for that the Special Database consultation or discuss details +38 097 735 31 33 or write to 4partner adindex ua Connect the “OMNI-CHANNEL MARKETING” service from ADINDEX → An article that will answer all questions about what omnichannel marketing is and who needs it - Omnichannel marketing: what is it.

Brief for the service "Omni-channel marketing"Looking for, in most cases, a category. Ukraine is in the TOP-3 in terms of the growth of clicks on advertising. Traffic growth due to mobile — it is important to adapt your site and creatives for that the mobile devices. Tips/features for setting up RK during the sales season Use smart bidding. Pay attention to the optimization that the score. Activate the maximum impressions of your products (correct errors on disapproved ads, target in that the Republic of Kazakhstan for all products). Want even more interesting information about advertising trends in the new season? Contact us and we will share our that the forecasts and knowledge! Contact mail: 4partners adindex ua , contact phone Connect the “OMNI-CHANNEL MARKETING” service from ADINDEX.