Access image variations via web path


I am aware of the image variations option in squiz where you can select the image size to add on a page using assetid:variation number, but what about instances where you only have the web path to use?

We have editors in our environment which are wanting to embed an image from one squiz site to another, but don’t have access to the original site - so are using the image path. Resulting in the full sized image being loaded into the Dom, then downsized in Squiz.

If this is not an option, is there a way in squiz where you can set the image default to actually be a smaller variation of the file / automatically resample the uploaded image to a smaller file by default? (I have explored the triggers, but can only see an image variation option).

Thank you

(Harinder Singh) #2

Here is the URL look like at my end:

Original Image: ...../__data/assets/image/0009/224658/jelly.jpg

Image Variety URL(generated by asset listing): /__data/assets/image/0009/224658/varieties/thumb.jpg

You can use Asset listing to generate URLs and give it them.