Account Manager Asset User Metadata

(Lewis) #1

How do you retrieve values from metadata applied to a user in the email body of the validation email you use with the Account Manager asset? … and breath!!

I’m trying to create a dashboard where users can be created and then prompted (following email validation) for a new password.

At present, I’m using JS to insert a random string (a temporary password) into the native password input fields of the Not Logged In bodycopy. This obviously gets sent with the form data and creates effectively a temporary password but obviously I need to notify the user of that temporary password.

I’ve added a metadata field to the Not Logged In bodycopy which simultaneously stores the temporary password in the hope I could retrieve it and stick it in the validation email that gets sent but using things like %created_assetid^as_asset:asset_metadata_tmppwd% or even %asset_metadata_tmppwd% don’t work - the keywords aren’t parsed.

Any ideas?