Add JS or css into Admin Panel

(Tara Young) #1

I want to show / hide and also just hide some metadata fields to the backend user. The fields are pre-populated using triggers and the backend user doesn’t need to see these. It just messy and confusing.

(Bart Banda) #2

You can’t add your own CSS or JS to the backend, but you can in Edit+.
What kinda metadata fields are you populating with triggers that shouldn’t be editable? What are they used for?

(Tara Young) #3

Hey Bart we have a lot of back end users with limited technical expertise and a lot of metadata fields. I’ve got some content currency fields that allow people to select a date and a period, then a trigger will update an expiry date.
At the moment the date fields are showing, it would be nice to give them a hidden class simply so the metadata screen isn’t so clogged with information.