Adding a remap within a trigger

(Steven) #1

Matrix Version:


I have a trigger that moves events from one folder to another.
The problem: users receive a 404 when accessing the original link.
Question How can I add a remap to that same trigger that contains the new path for that asset? I believe I cannot add keywords in the remap path.I’m struggling to understand how to address all assets that have this trigger fired.


My attempt in the screenshot below does not work.

(Iain Simmons) #2

Hi Steven,

The first thing I’d recommend trying is to check that ‘Ignore Permissions’ option.

Second, try using the Trigger Log Message action to the the old and new URLs you’re trying to use in the remap to make sure they are getting the values you expect.

If neither of those help, you might need to add a separate trigger that watches for a Link Created or Link Deleted event from the source/destination to try add at that point. I think part of the problem is trying to add a remap with an old URL that already matches an existing asset. So you might not be able to add the remap until the old URL is gone.

Hope that helps,

– iain