Allowing WebP image format in Matrix

(Jake Kim) #1

Hi Team,

Considering the new format WebP, it will be beneficial for the image-driven website that provides superior lossless and compression.

It will be approx a 25~35% smaller than PNG and JPEG and supports the transparent background.

I’ve tried to upload the file which can’t be accepted in Edit+.

Can we allow Matrix to accept the format?


(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #2

Can I use suggests there’s limited support for webp beyond Chrome:

(Bart Banda) #3

You should be able to upload it as a file asset, just not as an image asset. You just need to allow the extension in the Global Preferences in Admin Mode. But yea, not sure if there is much point since it’s got very limited browser support.

(Tom Stringer) #4

Hi all. Wondering if this might be worth reconsidering now that support is > 80%

(Bart Banda) #5

Hey Tom, yea potentially. We are looking to add SVG support for Image assets as well later this year so we could look at webp support at the same time.

(Danielle Stewart) #6

Browser support for webp is now >92%. Is this format now accepted by Matrix, or will it be soon?

(Tim Trodd) #7

I would definitely appreciate webp format too. I’ve saved a lot of page load time changing to this format on sites I’ve created outside of Matrix.

(Danielle Stewart) #8

Hi Tim, in your experience with webP, have you had any issues with the format, eg, not rendering in certain browsers/versions, or other problems? We haven’t used webP before, so any tips would be gratefully received.

(Tim Trodd) #9

At the beginning, there were quite a few issues and it was only Chrome that properly supported the webp usage, so there wasn’t much point.

Recently however, webp is now a lot more supported in most of the major browsers (only people still using IE or old versions of safari generally have issues).

I would recommend reading through this article that helps with setting up fallbacks etc. such as using the picture element and having a jpeg fallback option if the browser doesn’t support it.

This does mean if you want to have a fallback for older browsers, you will need to store both the webp and the jpeg version.

For sites that use a lot of images, it definitely helps with the page load speed/SEO and something I would look into.



(Bart Banda) #10

Hey all, we’re looking into webp support as we speak. Hopefully it’s fairly straight forward to just add as a supported image format type for image assets, will know more next week hopefully. Will report back here once I know more :slight_smile: