Any efficiency in having Designs & other design assets cached?

(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #1

**Matrix Version: **

On one of our squiz matrix systems we have our Designs in a ‘Designs’ site and that site is currently setup to be cached by Squiz Matrix.

Is there any efficiency in having Design assets cached? Our other system doesn’t having caching on for the Designs folder where we have all our Designs organised.

Wondering as well about the efficiency (or not) of caching Content Container Templates.

(Marcus Fong) #2

The performance gain depends on your implementation and the overall system architecture.

One way of measuring the improvement is by using Matrix Performance Mode - change the user to Public, flip caching on and off and observe the difference in page generation time. You can drill down to your Design assets to see how much they contribute individually to the overall time.