Articulate 360 on Squiz Matrix


hi all,

I have been uploading some rise 360 modules - onto our local server for public access.

I am wondering is it possible to do this in Squiz Matrix, it seems we always just uploaded onto the server instead of hosting in Squiz so I am wondering if any stories behind this as I can’t find any information internally.

any advice are greatly appreciated


(Suzanne Bailey) #2

We were looking to do a similar thing recently, but ended up just hosting them in our Learning Management System as putting all the files on Squiz seemed like a complete pain. Any easier way to do this would be fantastic.

(Martin) #3

I am also interested to know of the experiences of others in this space.
For me it is more the standalone presentation format rather than the Rise format. Assuming it would be somewhat similar.

(Bart Banda) #4

Have you looked into using the File Bridge or Git File Bridge to source those files from the file server Matrix is hosted on?