Asset Builder for News Item

(Andrew Harris) #1

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Been wracking my brains over this one, should be simple, but it’s defeated me for now.

I want to create an asset builder for News Items (it has to be news items), however, the Summary and Body attributes for that asset type are wysiwyg, so the layout of the asset builder form is just horrible (partly our templates fault).

I don’t even want html - plain text would be even better. The assets will go into a moderation queue for editing and finessing anyway, and the plainer the input, the better.

Is there any way of having the wysiwyg inputs display as simple textareas? (I can’t find one!)

I’ve tried using metadata to capture the content, and then a trigger to copy the content into the wysiwyg fields (set asset attribute), but there seems to be some incompatibility with the data type… The trigger can can write static html, and it can write keywords as keywords, but it won’t write the converted keyword value. I may be missing something here.

I’ve tried overriding HTMLArea with the Viper editor, but something evades me there as well, and the people I can ask are all on leave, and I’m short of time.

So, it’s a bit of a random cry for help - I’m not that fussy how I get from point A to point B, but it would be nice if something worked - right now, nothing does. I can’t really provide access to these assets because of their nature, but any examples, guides, ideas would be very gratefully received.

(Nic Hubbard) #2

Yes, you can just inspect the source of the asset builder to see the actual textarea tags that are used for the form submission. For example, our form uses:

<textarea id="news_item_0_1335" name="news_item_0_1335"></textarea>

<textarea id="news_item_0_1336" name="news_item_0_1336"></textarea>

You can then just style those have you want, and it will just use it as plain text. Just make sure to remove the keywords for the wysiwyg.

(Andrew Harris) #3

@nnhubbard… what can I say?
Logging back in this morning, and seeing your post has made my day :slight_smile:

effing legend! - I should have thought of this myself, but somehow, I got too wrapped up in complexity!