Asset Builder page to Edit content and Make Live and close

(Stef) #1

I have used an Asset Builder to create a standard page.

on my Created asset, I have a %commit_button_clean% which takes user to the Edit Form layout

'%created_asset_name%' created.

%commit_button_clean% %release_locks_button%

The Edit Form Layout, looks like my Create form except, users can make changes to the fields.

I have included a Future Status Keyword %details-S_future_status% on the Edit page for user to make the page live and after that
I need it to close the Asset Builder page or provide an option to Create another standard page.

My page on commit doesn’t do anything. It stayed on the Edit Page layout.

What is the asset keyword for Save and Close, Save and continue to a different page?

It could either go to the Created page where I can add in more options for the users or go to a different page that I can customise to close the loop.

(Harinder Singh) #2

Commit button is saving the changes and displaying a success message back on the same screen. You can add the following snippet in your logged in bodycopy to show the button if the page is successfully updated.

<div><a href="./?a=<ASSET_ID>" type="button" name="New page link" class="button">Create new page</a></div>

If you require a redirection then the following code will do the job. You can do similar redirect with with paint layout and redirect page asset.

<script type="text/javascript">
    window.location.href = "./?a=ASSET_ID";