Asset Builder to Add a Thumbnail

(Nick Papadatos) #1

Matrix Version:

Has anyone been able to add a thumbnail using an asset builder?
I had a read of some similar topics on the forums but doesn’t really explain whether its possible.

I have 2 x asset builders, first one creates a standard page the second creates the image as a child of the standard page asset created. All good, have that working.

So now I need to now add/set the created image as the thumbnail to the parent standard page. It’s a problem if a trigger is the only solution because there will be on occasions more than one image uploaded.

This is similar to when your adding the thumbnail to a standard page via the details screen - you can choose which image you want used as the thumbnail.

BTW, how do you add more than one image using the asset builder?

Any help would be appreciated

(Tarman) #2

@NickyP We cannot add multiple images using Asset Builder.

(Bart Banda) #3

I think trigger is the best way. You could do it via the JS API as well, but would require some extra JS coding. Via a trigger, you could potentially just check if the standard page already has a thumbnail set already as one of the conditions, and only if it doesn’t, then set the newly created image as the thumbnail?

(Nick Papadatos) #4

Not a problem what about multiple asset builders?
i.e asset builder thumbnail 1, asset builder thumbnail 2, asset builder thumbnail 3?

What about adding a thumbnail then?

Does anyone know what the keyword for the asset builder to add the WYSIWIG when creating a standard page is?

I tried %details-F_body% but that didn’t work


(Nick Papadatos) #5

Thanks Bart,
Not all of the standard pages created would only have 1 image, there could be up to 3. The body copy has a particular width/height images and the the thumbnail is used (more of a landscape) for the banner and there’s already a trigger used to create image varieties to create smaller thumbnails for the asset listing i.e small thumbnail title and description.

So I have worked out how to set multiple images as children to the newly created standard page - if anyone can show me how to now set the desired image as the thumbnail that would be helpful.

Can you set the trigger to fire only once? That would also be helpful then the first image uploaded (used as the banner) can then be set as the thumbnail?


(Bart Banda) #6

Yea that’s what I meant above, you could run your set thumbnail trigger action on the condition that there are no other images under the Standard page, or if the page already has a thumbnail, it depends on what you want to be the condition for as “only once”.