Asset Builder - User


hello, this is a minor issue but I would like to explore my options here.

We have an asset builder which creates users for our website based on a Simple Edit Layout,
The simple edit layout creates user name based on their email.

The problem we have now is that if a user uses a capital letter in the email, it creates the user name the same way, however, when they are trying to log in using lower case email, it will tell them the user does not exist (I guess it’s due to case sensitive)

Not to say we have a lot of users like this, but I would like to know if it’s possible

  • To force the creation of user in all lower cases in user name/email
  • Or won’t let user create with a hint to say has to be all lower cases

any advice are great


(Harinder Singh) #2

You can control it via simple JS solution in your asset builder page at frontend.

Other option is via triggers from the backend after user get created.