Asset Listing not Updating


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Having trouble with Asset Listing.

Asset listing is used to produce a JSON dump of a folder of assets in Squiz.
Metadata of a linked asset has been changed. These changes are apparent when looking at any of the individual assets but values have not been updated when accessing the Asset Listing.

The example would be; Listing all courses at the University -> Updating the name of a Degree

When looking at the individual course, the degree name has been updated. When looking at the Asset Listing dump it still retains the old degree name.

The only Log messages I can find about the access is :
Listing page #696834 is trying to list 1135 assets, which exceeds the performance monitor threshold of 1000

Are Squiz Asset Listings that are live cached? I have tried _nocache and still the older values are provided.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

(Marcus Fong) #2

Asset listings can be cached, if your Cache Manager settings allow it, but the _nocache suffix would bypass any caching.

If you’re still getting incorrect data even with _nocache, that suggests most likely something else other than caching is going wrong. If you’re a Squiz client, then it may be best to lodge a support ticket with the details so it can be properly investigated.