Asset listing sorting not working for shadow assets

(Oscar) #1

**Matrix Version: v5.5.6.4

I have a table which is populated from an asset listing which uses a CSV datasource.

I have added two sorting fields to the Asset Listing Sorting page which are based on two of the CSV datasource column keywords. I can see that these are being recognised and working as the table is using the default sorting options when I first load the page.

The page in question is here

The problem I have is that when I add the %sort_by%, %sort_order% and %submit_button% keywords to allow the user to sort the table, nothing happens when I hit the submit button. I have tested this functionality with another asset listing that does not use a CSV Datasource and it works.

Is there an issue with sorting shadow assets and is there a workaround?


(Oscar) #2

Update: I worked out the problem. There was another form on my page that was interfering with the Squiz generated form so had nothing to do with shadow assets.