'Asset metadata updated' trigger fires even when a field doesn't actually get updated

(Nigel) #1

Im trying to keep track of when a particular metadata field on a news item asset is changed by backend users, and have set up a trigger that sends me an email using the event ‘asset metadata updated’ whenever the metadata field in question is altered.

The trigger event seems to be working fine but the problem is that users only have to go into the edit interface of the news item and seemingly just about every metadata field gets ‘updated’ even though often not a single change is made. In other words Im getting so many ‘false’ alerts that Im forced to turn off the trigger. These same ‘field updated but nothing has actually changed’ entries also annoyingly fill up the logs. Any suggestions? Im using 5.2.8 but am testing in the latest iteration and it seems to be doing the same thing in 5.4.4.

(Bart Banda) #2

Hey Nigel,
Could you share some screenshots of how your trigger is set up?

Also, what metadata field type are you listening out for changes for? There have been some recent bugs fixed with the metadata updated triggering incorrectly under certain circumstances: https://squizmap.squiz.net/11859

(Nigel) #3

Hi Bart
It’s a pretty simple trigger setup, I will attach a screengrab.

My issue is not with the trigger but rather the fact that if I make a change to one metadata field, it logs edits to 15 other metadata fields even though I haven’t touched them.

So if Im trying to monitor changes to one particular metadata field, I get endless ‘false’ alerts.

(Bart Banda) #4

Ah yes, you are hitting the bug fixed in version https://squizmap.squiz.net/matrix/11859

Depending on the version you want to get it fixed for, you might be able to get Squiz support to work with the devs to generate a patch for your system if you are a Squiz client.

(Nigel) #5

We are just this week being upgraded to by Squiz, so fingers crossed that will resolve the bug, thanks Bart.