Best practices for thesaurus

(Chrishan) #1

Matrix Version: 6.36.0

We’re planning to use thesaurus terms to tag assets in a new project. What are the best practices in terms of using it ?

  • is it better to use data records in metadata instead of thesaurus terms for tagging assets?
  • can we make thesaurus terms mandatory ?
  • Which is better ? use thesaurus terms in asset Settings > Tagging or use as an asset picker in metadata ?
  • I didn’t see any recent discussions regarding thesaurus terms. Does that mean people use other methods for tagging ? if so please share any best practices for tagging and maintain a taxonomy for assets in Squiz


(Chrishan) #2

@EricD @JohnGill any thoughts ??

(Edinkin) #3

We do use tagging on our main site. We use it as part of metadata field, this way it can be enforced and set as required field.

I personally think that if your taxonomy is small, maybe under 10-15 items you are better of using select field in metadata, however ours is large.

There are some quirks/bugs in an interface. We only use it in admin interface so I am not sure how it handles in asset builder.

If you go to our website and do the search you will see filters/facets on a search results page the Result type and Clinical networks are driven by thesaurus.

(Chrishan) #4

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I truly appreciate your input. :slightly_smiling_face: