Blank form submission despite mandatory fields

(Anthony) #1

I have a form set up which has several mandatory fields. Had loads of successful submissions so far, and all of them have the mandatory data completed so validation must be generally working. Its a one page form, with a confirmation page.


But yesterday we got a submission entry that has all fields completely blank. The email notification was triggered but showed all the fields on it as blank values.


Does anyone have any idea how that could happen? My only guess is someone started a submission but left it to time out and somehow Squiz got confused when they finally clicked "submit"? Any other ideas? Anyone seen similar? If it is something like that would the user have seen an error on the browser end or is there a danger they think they submited data successfully?


(Nic Hubbard) #2

Are you using server or client side validation for the form?

(Edison Wang) #3

Have you checked if the the answer is a absolutely blank value, or it contains invisible empty spaces?

(Ashish Karelia) #4

We had seen a similar issue before. The cause was traced down to memcache handling sessions. Is memcache active on your system. if yes what versions are you using? From memory there was a particular version that was having issues with session locking, If you are indeed using memcache I might dig out the issue I am talking about to help.



(Safia Khan) #5

Hi Anthony,

I have come across similar issue with blank submissions in a form inspite of mandatory fields. Have you found a solution to your issue. If so, kindly share the solution.