Cannot use File. File was infected [CORE0300]

(Michael Wilson) #1

Matrix Version:

Last week I created the following folder and files:


The SCSS files are actually CSS assets and are imported by an SCSS Design asset which combines and crunches the output. I created these files and edited them as required last week, but now whenever I try to edit/save one of these files I receive the following error:

Cannot use File. File (layout.scss) was infected [CORE0300]

Has anyone else experienced this when working with SASS or have any suggestions?

(David Schoen) #2

You should only be getting that error if the SASS actually had content that clamscan decided was a virus or the virus checking is generally broken on the instance (in that case I’d expect the error to show up on all new files).

(Michael Wilson) #3

You would be correct David.Turns out we were not able to upload any files as the virus scanning engine was down on the server. Thanks.