Can't move form questions into form sections

(John) #1

Matrix Version:

Hi folks,

Should I be able to move form questions into form sections? I have built a large custom form and need to organise the questions into form sections. I have created the empty sections but I am unable to drag my questions into them (Error: Form question text assets cannot be type 2 linked to a form section). The only way around it is to build the form again and create the sections before the questions are added. Is this the expected behavior because it seems very clunky?


(John gill) #2

You can’t move questions, sad face emoji.

Questions aren’t real assets, they are just a JSON bag in the questions attribute on the Form Section asset which are shown in the tree as “shadow assets” (I’m not sure if they are true shadow assets, or just faus shadow assets, but it’s largely moot).

There’s a lot of scope for an improved UI for managing questions that throws away the fiction of them being assets, but you’d have to DIY with the JS API.