CM / HPRM 9.4 with Matrix 6.8 Parent container metadata file listing

(WA Webdeved) #1

Hello my fellow Matrix-ers,

I think I have smashed the search utility enough times to relent and post up this query.

Our system spec is indicated in the title and we have had success listing a single document query and printing the ds title and hyperlink for a single record which is perfect for what we want short term.

However, for the long term we want the parent folder contents to be printed instead of just a single document.

I have tried with no success trying to search the parent container in HPRM / CM and have the documents within print their data set record and url using these instructions here:

I feel it may not be working as our CM/ HPRM or Matrix may be outside the interoperability scope.

When i try to update the search and look for documents within the parent container to synch it just says there’s an error.

Or may be configuring the parent search container fields incorrectly.

if anyone can jump in an share their experience / advice that would be appreciated.