Commercial Squiz Matrix vs OpenSource

(Gasosasedamdjepova) #1


Is there somewhere a list of the differences in the features for two versions?
I am mostly interested in Edit+, if I have licence and than it expires, does Edit+ plus ( and other ) features are disabled?


(Bart Banda) #2

There’s not really a “Commercial” version of Squiz Matrix. There are mainly only “commercial” extensions that Squiz can enable/deploy to a Matrix instance if it’s hosted/managed through Squiz through an SLA. This would then include a licence to install Edit+ on that Matrix instance. Your Edit+ package is really just tied with your SLA with Squiz, so as long as you have that, you’d have access to Edit+. But more more detailed answers to questions like that, you are probably better off contacting Squiz sales using

(Gasosasedamdjepova) #3


Thank you very much for your answer.
I’ll contact Squiz for more details.