Conditional keywords in an asset listing

(Richard Crompton) #1



I have an asset listing that displays the 4 most recent job listings with a more jobs link at the bottom.

This sits on the right hand column on all pages, including the page where the more jobs goes to.


When you have navigated to the more jobs page, I want to be able to hide the more jobs link from this asset list.

I've tried to create a conditional keyword but can't see how to create a condition that says:

if you are already on that page don't link to it!


Hope that makes sense

(Nic Hubbard) #2

You should be able to do a regex check of your current asset id and a static asset ID of that page. Have you tried doing this?

(Talk) #3

Depending on how you're nesting the asset list (and whether or not 'More jobs' is a result, or hard-coded into the results format, you should be able to set 'Exclude This Asset' to 'Yes' in the details screen of the asset list.


When this option is true, the currently viewed asset won't be displayed in the asset listing.

(Richard Crompton) #4

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll give these a go and see what I get.