Consolidated report export from HTML_CodeSniffer?

(John S) #1

Folks, thanks for this forum. HTML_CodeSniffer is really helpful as a start on website accessibility evaluations. I like how the report is categorized, and the per-occurrence explanations and standards references, along with the offending HTML snippets.

Does HTML_CodeSniffer also provide a way for me to export the entire report as a consolidated document? I don’t have strong feelings about the output format, as long as it’s easy to consume the info. Could be text, xml, json, markdown, rtf, xslx, whatever). Extra points if the consolidated report is itself accessible for screen readers. Thanks for considering this request, and please don’t hate if the option is already there and I missed it.

Really appreciate the work you folks are doing!


(Bart Banda) #2

Hey John,
HTMLCS is not managed by the Matrix CMS team.
Probably best to raise an issue on the project’s GitHub page here:

(David Wallace) #3

Gday John.
Did you get anywhere with this? I was just asking the same question.

(Dave Oakley) #4

Hi David, if you have Funnelback you can get the same data out (looks very much like code sniffer) using the Accessibility Auditor and download the report there.