Container templates and decision tree results

(Barb Kempnich) #1

Matrix Version:

We’d like to nest a standard page into the result bodycopy in a decision tree. The standard page uses container templates and these don’t display in the decision tree results. Is there a way around this?

(Bart Banda) #2

If you are using something like Squiz Edge, you could try and use an tag to include it. Alternatively try and nest it in using %globals_asset_contents:1234% instead of a nested content container. And the final option would be to ajax the content in using JS?


Running into this issue too. In a decision tree bodycopy I can apply a container template to a container, but it doesn’t display properly. What’s the issue happening here?

It’s a dynamic tab container template, and the only thing that displays on the page are the tab headings, no content.

The tabs change to accordions in mobile view and what’s strange is that the content becomes visible in mobile view