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(Erwin Strobel) #1

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We are using content container templates for all our web components, and have come across an issue in regards to linking dependencies.

I understand that links created in metadata WYSWIYG fields do not get tracked in Matrix’s internal linking system, and as content container templates are metadata driven, no linking references are displayed on the linking screen.
This is causing a bit of chaos, as editors are unable to see linking dependencies when they wish to remove content.
I’m not sure if this shortfall has been considered by squiz? And am wondering if there is a work around that we can implement?



Hi @Bart this would be great to know. Any thoughts?

(Bart Banda) #3

Yea, this is currently not supported because of the way that Metadata is currently stored. We do know of this shortfall but haven’t been able to design a suitable solution to it yet.

We are planning on refactoring the Linking screen later this year which will include the abiltiy to report on assets that are linked to metadata fields.

We also need to do the same for Safe Trash checking, to make sure that when that’s on, you can’t delete assets that have ID references to related metadata fields or values in WYSIWYG metadata fields.

(John gill) #4

I think Bart and Erwin are talking about different things here.

Bart seems to be referring to the Metadata Related Asset Fields issue - they act like links but are not links so are very hard to discover.

Erwin is talking about Asset IDs referenced in WYSIWYG content which, if they were used directly in a WYSIWYG Content Type would have a corresponding NOTICE link created when the WYSIWYG content was saved. If those same asset IDs are referenced in a Metadata WYSIWYG Field instead (attached via a content container template), those NOTICE links are not created.

The change Bart mentions will be very welcome (does later this year mean 5.5.x or 6.x?), but distinct from what Erwin is talking about.

(Bart Banda) #5

Yes, so I mean both, there are currently no notice links created between any type of metadata field and other assets.

Later this year in a future 5.5.X.X release.


Yeah this doesn’t work for where we are currently testing, any cigar for this version Bart ( or patches). we use container templates heavily