Content container templates - Presentation options

(Michael Valk) #1

Matrix Version:

Hi, I am using Content Container Templates for various design elements.

I need to have the option of adding a wrapper div (with classes) to the Container Templates (for padding options, background colour, etc.).

I thought that I could just use the “presentation = block (div)” option in the container options - but this doesn’t work - it looks like only wraps the %asset_contents% in a div, not the entire Container Template.

See below:

Do you know if there is any way of achieving this?



If this is something you want the page editor to control, then use conditions that check the metadata options to change the output in the paint layout format.

For example:

<div class="%asset_metadata_Classname%">%asset_contents%</div>


    <div class="wrapper">

(Tyson Adams) #3

Hi Michael,

You could add the wrapper in a Simple Edit Layout asset applied to the Content Template, and then just use keywords within them to print your metadata and contents.

<div class="content-wrapper">


Hope that helps

(Michael Valk) #4

Thanks very much for your response - I guessed I might have to do something like that as an alternative.

(Michael Valk) #5

Hi Tyson, thanks for this. It looks like your code is in reference to the appearance within Edit+ (useful to know, thanks), but my issue was with how the content displayed on the front-end. I think I’ll have to go with bkelly’s solution if there’s no alternative.