Content Containers re-ordering when page status updated

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Matrix Version: v

I’ve searched the forums but cannot find this particular issue. Feel free to point me to the answer if it already exists.

We’ve run into an issue with content containers re-ordering on Standard Pages whenever we hit Save, Safe Edit or Approve and Make Live.

It appears to be persistent for the affected assets (across several days), but is not currently exhibiting site-wide.

Can anyone suggest a likely cause and resolution?

Thanks in advance,


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My question was maybe too open-ended.

Where does Matrix store information about the order of content containers?

If I am able to translate my request into support-speak, I may have a better chance of our in-house support actually … supporting the issue.

(Instead of throwing up their hands, panicking, obfuscating, denying, belittling, or ghosting).

Thanks in advance for your time.


(Bart Banda) #3

Hi db,
If the order is getting changed after Save (which it def shouldn’t by default), it can mean that there is a trigger that is re-ordering them. Can you check the triggers under the trigger manager to see if there is one that does some sorting after an asset has been updated? Maybe that trigger just needs to be configured a bit differently to not fire on content containers

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Thanks, Bart. Appreciate your time.

I’ll run that past “support” and see what comes back.