Content Reuse with Alternate Design Layout

(Nick Papadatos) #1

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Hi talented squiz folk,
Is there a way to have a centralised news items that has a default design applied but if tagged with a specific metadata value get pushed to a different sections of the website that has a different design altogether?

So I know that I can return a set/list of news items with a different design applied using conditional statements but If I click on the link it will take you back to the original source with the default design.

Can the single piece of content be displayed in various forms (dynamically apply a different design / paint layout) without creating a link assets?

Hope this makes sense?


(Nick Papadatos) #2

I ended up using a standard page nesting an asset listing page pointing to all the news items.

  • I added “id” to the dynamic options

  • the asset listing default format I added
    <a href="./?a=page id with alternate paintlayout?id=%asset_assetid%">%asset_name%</a>

This worked but just want to make sure this is the only way?


(Bart Banda) #3

THe way you have done it is correct. You could also create a trigger that listens for metadata field updates and if the value matches, it actually applies the design/paint layout as an override setting, that way you don’t have to worry about passing a query string parameter as part of the href link?

(Nick Papadatos) #4

Thanks Bart for confirming, creating a trigger sounds like an option but what if the your accessing the file from a different url?

File lives in “news items” but you want to access that file from “uncover news items”


(Bart Banda) #5

Not sure what you mean? I didn’t realise you are accessing a File? Designs and Paint Layouts are not used on Files?

(Nick Papadatos) #6

Sorry, when I say file I meant standard page asset.

Lets say all news items are created in a central location and sorted by year month etc:<asset-name>

All news items have the default design applied but if I tag the asset (standard page) with uncover the trigger could override the default design and apply a different design / paintlayout - all good.

My question was what if I’m not in the newsroom but want to access all assets tagged with ‘uncover’ via<asset name>

I could use a search asset to return only asset tagged with ‘uncover’ - the problem is that if I click on any of the links I’m going to be redirected back to newsroom when we trying to keep users on the uncover site. That’s why I was using id to the dynamic options to keep users from being redirected. The downfall is passing a query string parameter as part of the href link rather than a friendly URL ie; asset name not the id.

Hope this now makes sense

(Bart Banda) #7

Hope this now makes sense

I *think so… but I think what you are trying to do is probably best achieved by linking the news item into that folder under the “uncover” area so that the linking just works natively. Is there a reason you can’t just link the news items you want under the “uncover” section?

(Nick Papadatos) #8

The problem is getting this particular group to create content within a central content hub (they’re not tech savvy) then push content (based on a metadata tag) to other areas of the website that have a different deign applied.

The solution needs to be simple enough so that they don’t have to create link assets etc. There’s no way I would show them that anyway


(Bart Banda) #9

Hmm, I’m wondering if that could be done via a Trigger as well somehow. On Metadata update, create Link somewhere…

(Nick Papadatos) #10

That would be tricky, how would the trigger know the folder structure to create the link asset to i.e root > 2019 > Feb etc


(Bart Banda) #11

Yea that’s the tricky part. The only other way I can think of doing it is via the JS API and a custom Edit+ plugin somehow…