Creating personalised landing page with Azure / LDAP?

(Gavin McGruddy) #1

Hi there,

Our goal is to create a personalised landing page with Squiz Matrix for our Intranet.

Out I.T. team have created some single sign on applications that they’ve said uses LDAP and Microsoft Azure which captures the users details with they log on to their computers and then automatically logs them into the application just by the user clicking the link without the need of retyping their login details.

My question is can we use these technologies with Squiz Matrix that will recognise the user who is accessing the page and will deliver their own personal landing page, which will look something like this:

The goal will to be create a landing page that is highly customisable to each user. They ideally will be able to upload their own personal background picture, choose what Intranet links they want to save to their links tab (represented by the “L” tab), choose what API’s they’d like displayed (represented in the wire frame with the local weather), and also have a notification for how many unread news items applies to that personal user. We are also looking at getting Funnelback applied to the search bar so that this landing page will be a “one-stop-shop” for each user.

Even though I’m an average web developer, I’ve only used Squiz Matrix for basic static page creation that involves HTML, CSS and JavaScript. As such I have no idea where to start with something like this. Does Squiz Matrix has built-in functionality to allow for something like this (saving data such as links / pictures that will correspond with each individual user), or would I need to configure a relational database to push each users customisations to?

I also don’t have any idea of how Azure or LDAP works, but if someone on here has experience with those technologies and can give me the basics of how this would work, then at least I can liaise with our I.T. department to bring this vision to life.

We have around 500 employees in our organisation that this will hopefully be set up for, as well as temporary contractors who may also need access to our Intranet, so we’d also have some sort of default landing page for these temporary employees.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!


Gavin McGruddy

(Bart Banda) #2

Hi Gavin,
If you are a Squiz client, you are best of getting in touch with your Squiz NZ account manager to discuss these options further. This is all possible to do, but depends heavily on a lot of factors, such as how users are managed and where data can be stored/saved/read etc. There are multiple ways of achieving this as well, but without looking deeper into the requirements and current user setups, it’s very hard to advise on via this channel. I recommend you get in touch with those guys so that they can help out further.

(Gavin McGruddy) #3

Thanks for the reply Bart, will do. :+1: