CSV data source dynamic input - no result on main asset listing page


Matrix Version:

I have a CSV data source with dynamic inputs, and nesting an asset listing page across multiple pages with variables. That’s all working fine, except I’m unable to have the original asset listing page list all the results.

Do I need to nest this asset listing page in another page and call all the variables for it to display all results? Or am I missing something?


I’ve managed to get the main asset listing page to display all results by changing the “Allow Empty” to Yes in the Record Filter.

However, it’s including the first row. Not sure how to omit that?

(Nick Papadatos) #3

What’s in your first row that you don’t want? What about changing your asset lister to “Start Position” > 1. (caveat - not knowing your data so may not suit)

Or a better way

Do a regex match then filter out the records matching the given conditions:

In this example the first record was omitted because it did not have a image href with a https value to match

Hope this helps


The first row is the row headers. So the first thing listed on the asset listing page is an empty listing.

It’s the only record set that displays if I set Allow Empty to No (which makes no sense, as it is empty)


I had a blank row in my spreadsheet (Therefore there was a blank listing when I selected Allow Empty to Yes).
Deleted the row and re-uploaded. All working now.