CSV datasource filtering

(Widhi) #1

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Hello there,
I am using 2 CSV datasources to display rows of data on my website. I managed to implement a ‘Category’ filter to display data from a selected category. I am wanting to add another filter, ‘Level’, so that users can filter by ‘Category’ and ‘Level’. See the attached screenshot.

I set it up so that the first CSV datasource has the same Record Filter and Dynamic Input as the second CSV data source. Selecting two filter is not working, applying one of the filters is still working.

Can someone please shed some light on how to do it, or if having two filters is even possible?


(Nick Papadatos) #2

Do you mean something like this Click on the academic staff tab.
or this

Let me know if this is the functionality you’re after

(Widhi) #3

Hi Nick, the second one is what we are after. Is it easily achievable?

(Nick Papadatos) #4

Yes, How about you email me directly via this platform and I can talk/step you through it?

(Widhi) #5

Will do. Thanks a lot.