Custom Form - adding Bodycopy to section removes form fields


Matrix Version: Squiz Matrix v5.5.3.2

I’m working on a Custom Form in Squiz Matrix and have a couple of related issues:

  1. When I add text to the default “Form Contents/Bodycopies/Page Content” asset, existing form fields are not shown on the Preview page, only the bodycopy is displayed. If i remove the text from the “Form Contents/Bodycopies/Page Content” the form fields will re-appear in the preview.

  2. If i add a bodycopy asset to any of the Sections in the form, the form fields are removed from the form when i preview it, and will be reinstated if i remove the bodycopy asset.

I followed the manual instructions closely and am a perplexed by the above.

Thanks for any suggestions.


(Bart Banda) #2

Hi Gary,
If you are customising the form contents bodycopy you need to also make sure to add the keywords for the form fields, error messages, and submit button. Have a look at this guide:

And you can find the keywords available for use here: