Custom form - date min/max


Matrix Version:

Don’t think this is behaving as expected, can I get confirmation.

First, the manual states for both minimum and maximum, you don’t need to enter a value for every field. This works for year only when in admin, but not in Edit+. Values edited in admin will be lost whenever form changes are committed in Edit+.

Secondly, if I do use a full date, it isn’t respected, regardless of whether Allow blank is checked or not, validation does not occur and prevent submission.
EG if I want FY19/20 I enter:
but I am able to submit values such as 1/1/19 and 1/12/20

I’m adding custom validation for this field but I feel this should be standard (if it isn’t).

(Bart Banda) #2

That is a known bug that was fixed in

I think that bug also fixes the ability to enter a date that is less or more than the max/min value.