Custom form file upload is stripping zip files from email

(Awilliams) #1

Matrix Version:
[ v5.3.4.0]

Hi there,
We have a custom form that has a file upload question. It’s been working fine with zip files until recently but now when the email is received the zip file is missing. Can anyone shed any light on this, I know it’s been working fine for years. All other file types specified are getting through okay.

I’ve tried different emails from different mail clients.


(Tbaatar) #2

Couple of things to check.

  • Is the attachment too big?
  • Could it be possible your mailbox is getting full and therefore attachments are not coming through.
  • The email provider could of stopped ZIP attachments?
  • Have you tried using another form with zip attachment?
  • Were there any changes made to the form?

If all above is good then it is possible the form is borked. I have experienced number of times Matrix form going AWOL for no apparent reason and there is no way of knowing when it does apart from doing regular checks on your forms.


(Awilliams) #3

Hi, it’s none of those things, I’ve checked. What I have noticed now through trial and error, is that if submission logging is turned off, zip files don’t get through, if it’s on, they do. I know Matrix stores the files on the server, but we turned off submission logging for our forms as all submissions were coming through by email. What I can’t understand is that any other file type specified is received except zip when submission logging is off.

Actually, it doesn’t like PDF files with submission logging off either, but it’s okay with image files. To fix it for now I’ve put logging back on, but I’m intrigued as to why it’s okay with image files.

(John gill) #4

With I can’t replicate the behaviour of some filetypes being emailed and some not. Zip/pdf/txt/png all coming through.

What I can see is that when “Log Submissions” is disabled, file upload fields must have a Create Location set to be emailed. If your file upload fields don’t all have that set, it could explain why you see some files come through but not others.

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Just saying :slight_smile: