Custom form from address


Matrix Version:


When we send an email from a custom form, we supply a custom from address but Matrix sends it with the system default specified in system config.

Is there a setting somewhere we need to change?


(Harinder Singh) #2

Are your only having this sender email issue or the emails are going to Customer’s spam folders?

(Kieran) #3

Sounds like you’re doing it correct.

From: enter the email address that will appear in the from field in the email.

In system config, “email settings” >> “Default email” on v6.20.2:

The default email is used as the sender address on emails from Matrix that are sent “from the system”, or where an email address can’t be sourced from elsewhere, such as a user without an email address sending a message. The default email also receives messages not directed at any particular user (along with the tech email address).

So the default address should only be used if you do not set a “From” address in the custom form settings.

Note that I have found the manuals to be written in poor detail and out of date (example below). Often with the v6 manuals site having old details that do not pertain to screens on v6.


Hi all.

Thanks for the replies and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

We tested again today and it was working as expected, not sure why or when it started to work though.
Could’ve been a server/service restart that kicked it into life. Next time we have these issues we’ll do it on test and restart services etc to see.