Custom Form SOAP Submission Action Logic not responding as expected

(Lewis) #1

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I’ve got two SOAP calls against a Custom Form - one uses the AdvancedSearch SOAP call and the other uses the GetMetadataFieldValues SOAP call.

The former returns the asset ID of the asset whose metadata field matches a 4 digit code that’s entered into the form (in this case, it happens to be a simple email verification code).

The latter SOAP call uses the asset ID from the first SOAP call to then go on to check that the verification code hasn’t expired by checking the expires metadata field.

Obviously, for the latter to determine whether the expiry time has passed, it uses the response from the GetMetadataFieldValues SOAP call to compare the metadata field value to the current date/time in, milliseconds.

Unfortunately, the latter only seems to work when I switch the Rule in the Check Response section of the SOAP call to ‘Must be less than or equal to’. ‘Must be more than or equal to’ doesn’t respond as expected.

Any ideas what’s wrong here or is this a bug in the logic for the Check Response section of the Submission Action?


(Lewis) #2

Can you even use %globals_ keywords in the Value field of the Check Response section? It isn’t clear from the docs.