Custom header in email?

(Uni) #1

Matrix Version:

Hi there,
with the demise of BulkMail in, how can I add custom headers to emails?

Without BulkMail, I’m probably going to have to use a trigger to send a page as an email, but there are no options in the send email action to customise the headers.
The listserv I’m sending to performs certain actions based on custom values in headers, so without it I’m stuffed.
Any other ways around this problem?

(David Schoen) #2

I don’t think this is possible from directly within Matrix, but are you needing to add a conditional header based on Matrix logic or would it be ok to add a header system wide by adjusting sendmail_path to include a header for the whole install?

(Uni) #3

David, conditional based on logic (permissions/group membership). Pretty sure it could be done in the Bulk Mail Post Office, but not much point developing for that now it’s being deprecated.

(David Schoen) #4

I don’t think those custom headers are intended to adjust based on custom logic (I did drop a keyword in one and the keyword doesn’t render), so that probably wouldn’t work for you anyway - you could manage to add a custom header per bulkmail job, but not adjust the value based on anything more granular.

I think there’s potentially value in allowing headers to be customised in the relevant trigger and form actions, can you access to submit a feature request with a bit more detail around what would actually be required as a starting point?

(Uni) #5

The requirement is not a per recipient customisation, it’s actually a security hurdle for particular lists. It’s a second factor of authentication to ensure the right people are sending to lists. As such, I believe the header per bulkmail job would have been fine.

I will raise the feature request a suggested, however, it’s most unlikely to be implemented in time for me to use.