Customisable login messages?

(Emily) #1

Matrix Version: 5.5

I am wanting to customise a login page box, for a login design, because the “You do not have permission to access this page” is a bit harsh for what I need.

Looking through previous Matrix forum posts, there has been many people asking about how to customise the Login Message variable in the Design/Customisation, up until 2008. Back then there was no way to change the message.

Has there been any update since that allows this?
I couldn’t find any, even when looking through the Site Admin areas/configs. Although I would want to do this for a specific site.

My fallback is of course to just remove the message variable that prints it, and replace it with my own text. But it would be nice (future-editor-friendly) to be able to do this in the Customisation screen/settings…


(Tbaatar) #2

Hi Emily,

The login screen design file is located under:
System Management > System Designs > Login Design

The CSS of the login design is a child called login_style.css

Here is an example:

(Emily) #3

Hi Tbaatar,
I know where the default login design is, and I have created and applied my own one to a specific page. My question is whether there is the ability yet to change what the “system message” (etc) variables are that are within the Login Design Area.
(For now, I have removed those variable tags from the Design Area, and made my own text into the Design File. But I would prefer if an editor could change it not by having to go into the Design File. I know I can do this by nested content which is then printed into the Design Area, but that’s gets more messy for future editors looking at my setup)

Sorry if I hadn’t explained it well originally.

(Marcus Fong) #4

Unfortunately I don’t think so, after looking in

if (!$this->readAccess()) {
    $GLOBALS['SQ_SYSTEM']->paintLogin(translate('Login'), sprintf(translate('You do not have permission to access the asset'), $this->name));

If you’re a Squiz client and this is a priority for you, then it may be best to raise it through your account manager.

(Bart Banda) #5

Hi Emily, thanks for the feedback and info. This has been raised in the past but was unfortunately never prioritised, probably because not enough people asked for it. At the time, we thought of just having a new screen on the design asset (or design customisation asset) where you could maybe customise those system messages. Similar to what you can do on Account Managers and Asset Builders. But I will take your request to our ideation product as another request for a feature like this.

(Emily) #6

Thanks Bart & Marcus. :slight_smile:
It does have work-arounds that we can create to do similar, so I can understand why it hasn’t been a priority compared to other updates/features. But if it isn’t a complex tweak to add a customisation field, then that would certainly be a bonus. :slight_smile:

Good to know that I’m not overlooking somewhere that I am meant to be able to change the default messages though :sweat_smile: I will admit that with all the updates I am known to miss some things! (Updates are good though, not complaining at all! And I like how the updates are published/listed - easy to scan through for relevant ones to me)