Decision tree not reseting properly


Matrix Version:

I have a decision tree which uses a dropdown for the first question. When a user hits the reset button, the form doesn’t reset back to it’s initial state, ie. with the dropdown displaying the empty text “Please select a topic”.

What happens is that the decision flow disappears and the selection of the first question remains visible in the dropdown.

Is this the intended behaviour?

(Bart Banda) #2

It should revert the dropdown select field back to “Please select” (the empty select option).

I can’t replicate your issue in the latest version of Matrix though, it switches back to “Please select” for me when I click the reset button. Might be some other JS that is interacting with your form that is causing it?

If you could upload a copy of the form here (the export to XML file) we could import it somewhere on our end to see if we can replicate it, may be something very implementation specific.


It was some other JS interfering. Fixed now.