Decommissioning of Public CVS Repository

(Bart Banda) #1

The public CVS repository is scheduled to be decommissioned and closed down on Friday 31st October 2014. This means that the Matrix 4 code base will no longer be available for download from this repository.


With the release of Matrix 5.1, active version releases for the Matrix 4 branch have ceased and are no longer published by Squiz. Matrix 4.18.9 was the last version released on the 4 branch as published on the Squiz Labs blog. Squiz clients with active Squiz Plus or Service Level Agreements will continue to be supported by Squiz.


After the 31st October, access to the Matrix code base will only be available through the private GIt repository as well as through the downloadable VM from the Matrix Manuals website. If you are currently using Matrix 4 as part of a Squiz SLA and you think you may get affected by this, please contact your Account Manager for further information.